Change is Inevitable

Welcome to First Thoughts, a blog by Keisean Raines, Holistic Lifestyle Enthusiast.  It's been years since I have publicly posted a blog; other than social media and stuff.  Well here we go! I am committing to posting to this blog as often as possible.  It is really important that you (the readers) leave comments, share, and give me feedback.  Let me know what you think, what you'd like me to write about and most importantly, how much you love it (I hope)!

There are only so many things in this life that are truly inevitable.  Meaning things that are just unavoidable.  CHANGE happens to be one of those things.  Change is, in fact something that we all experience.  There is no way to get through this life without change.  We rely on change in order to move us through life.  Other times, we try our best to avoid change; typically when we get comfortable.  

The tricky part is, if we avoid change in order to maintain a sense of comfort - we are simultaneously missing out on all the good stuff change can bring.  Think about it, how much growth do we really experience when we are comfortable?  Not much!  We get comfortable, which sometimes becomes complacency and then POW! We are begging for a change to get us right again.  

Instead of grimacing in the face of change - yes, even the changes that you didn't plan for - give yourself permission to embrace change.  Maybe even get crazy and be GRATEFUL for change when it happens.  One thing I know for sure, without change we as a people would be in bad shape.  Let's express sincere gratitude for change.  What's the point in being grumpy about something that is inevitable? 

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