Not My President

As I'm sure many of you may be feeling right now, today's Inauguration felt unreal.  I know a few people who didn't even tune in to watch it.  Not wanting to give any ratings to the networks who broadcast it perhaps.  I watched.  In awe.  In disbelief and of course in a bit of sadness.  I watched to see Obama's reaction.  To see how even in the face of this blasphemy unfolding, President Obama still maintained his cool, classy and always calm demeanor.  He and his beautiful wife, our First Lady Michelle just sat in their places; kept their beautiful energy flowing - despite all the lameness spewing from that Orange Fools mouth.  Even the commentator on the network expressed their disdain with the lack of unification in his speech - saying things such as, "It sounds like his typical campaign jargon".  

Nonetheless, here we are.  January 2017 and the former reality TV baboon is now seated in the Highest Office in our Land.  

What do we do now?  Do we mount up?  Do we protest?  Do we just keep turning the channel and avoiding what's happening?  How do we explain to our children that things like this can happen today?  That its not just about what is in the history books (while those are not always very accurate anyway) - that racism, sexism, gender-bias, misogyny and a slew of other "isms" and "schisms" are still floating around, alive and well today.  

What I choose to do is to continue to plant my seeds of peace.  I will continue to wake up each day, give thanks and gratitude for all that I have.  I will stand with my sisters, my Queer folks, my Black folks, my friends and family.  I will keep on pushing forward.  No matter what adversities and mishaps may be in the path.  I will channel the energy of my ancestors and I will fight peacefully, consistently and with purpose.  I will be still when needed.  I will speak out when necessary.  I will tell my stories and create spaces for others to do the same.  

I urge you to do the same.  Do not allow yourself to be grappled with fear.  Know the truth of what is happening right now.  We are being pushed to an uncomfortable place.  We are being required to stand behind our beliefs.  To stand firmly in our truths and just do what we have been called to do.  We are free thinking people.  We have the choice to stand and we have the right to do so.


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