If You Stand For Nothing ...

Today is a day that will be remembered.  Just like the Marches of the past.  The marches for rights of human beings.  While the date has changed, the message remains.  We are human beings.  We bleed the same red blood and we weep the same salty tears.  There is no reason or logic as to why we don't deserve to be regarded as equals.  All colors, all genders, all religions, all creeds - we deserve to be equally free.  

I have over 230 friends on Facebook who are women.  Funny and sad how many WOMEN who are friends on FB are showing their asses (and vaginas) by refusing to stand in solidarity (even in spirit) with the thousands, of women around the world who are speaking out and standing up for rights they take for granted. Come on women - open your eyes, see what's happening around you. Stand for your daughters, your sons and maybe your future grandchildren.

If you can't show up in person to these demonstrations of peaceful protest - show up in other ways. Donate to the organizations. Write letters to your local government. Ask local leaders how you can be involved. But don't just sit back and ask to be respected for your choice not to stand.

That's not how things get done people. Do you think your right to use a contraceptive because you're over having kids is worth standing for? How about your right for equal pay? What about your right to free reproductive health care in the event of an unwanted pregnancy? Are those worth standing for?

As a woman, a mother, and a survivor of sexual trauma, I stand for myself.  For my human rights to choose, to be equal, and to be heard.  For women who just want to stay home with their babies and not be criminalized for needing more than 4 weeks of maternity leave.  I stand for them.  For women who want to become President someday without being shamed for simply being a woman.  I stand for them.  I stand for my son, who will one day partner with a woman who is willing to stand for herself.  

If you cannot go out and stand today, please find a way to stand for yourself and for the rights of others.  Don't sit idly by and ask for permission not to show up.  If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything. 


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