You are what you eat ... seriously

I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase, "You are what you eat." - We've all heard it at least once.  Maybe from a doctor, a family member or even a bumper sticker somewhere.  All reminding us that what we eat essentially contributes to what we become.  Both physically and energetically.  What we eat not only creates an experience in our bodies, it also generates a certain energy within our not so physical self.

For instance, have you ever eaten a really "healthy" meal?  Maybe one that is full of bright green vegetables, whole grains and some delicious source of protein.  Or bitten into a slice of succulent fruit, and let the juices drip down your chin; because its just that good?!  How do you feel when you eat foods like that?  Chances are, just thinking about eating those foods is making your mouth water just a little bit, right?  Why is that?  Well ... the answer is simple ... our bodies like healthy food, duh!

We have been conditioned in this "fast paced" world to eat all sorts of quick fixes for actual food. The fillers, chemicals, GMO's and all that crap is what we've gotten used to accepting as food.  We feed it to our bodies and our children.  Next thing you know, we are reaching for an HMO, so we can see a doctor to give us a drug to counteract what we fed ourselves in the first place.  Its a crazy cycle.  The cool thing is, YOU have the power to change it.  

If you're anything like me, you've had your fair share of McDonald's breakfast, Taco Bell dinners and Sizzler brunches.  If not, just play along with me here.  I was raised in a two parent household, with 4 siblings on a minimal income.  We made it work.  There were many times when our meals came from drive-thru windows; and other times from my mom's kitchen.  We never went hungry.  I did however develop attachments to the "not so healthy" foods I ate as a child. 

Thankfully, in my adulthood I was exposed to new ways of eating.  Everything from Raw Vegan, Vegetarian, Ovotarian, Pescatarian and even something referred to as the Airatarian diet - An Airatarian literally eats no foods except soil, and survives off of sun absorption and water.  Needless to say, that didn't work out so well for me.  I like eating actual food.  I love the sun and drink plenty of water; but living off sunlight just didn't cut it.

I ate a Vegan diet for about 8 years and birthed a super healthy, hyper-intelligent child while doing it.  During that time, I learned about how easy it is to try and substitute "fake meat" for the real thing.  Instead of just eating exclusively vegetables - which is what a vegan diet entails - I was eating all kinds of chicken-like, ground beef-like and even some pseudo-fish foods to curb the craving I had for meat.  The result was I bloated like the Good Year blimp because of all the chemicals in those foods that were pumped into make it taste like the real thing. 

So even some "meat free" diets can have their hang ups.  This is why I stopped looking for diets and started learning about Nutrition.  Our bodies are machines.  Divinely designed, very complex and vulnerable machines.  We each have a formula that is unique.  Some of us have allergies or other adverse reactions to certain foods.  There is no "one size fits all" approach to food.  

One thing that is consistent for all humans is we need Water, Protein, Carbohydrates and Lipids (Unsaturated Fats) to survive.  Ain't no way around those nutrients.  

Hippocrates, the founder of Medicine said, "Let food be thy medicine" - meaning, if we eat healthy, we feel vibrant, and our bodies are less likely to experience dis-ease or illness.  If we eat crap, well ... you get the picture.  

Take some time to do a little research.  Learn what your formula is.  Find a Nutritionist, a Wellness Coach or even a Fitness Trainer who can help you out.  Or leave a comment below if you need some support.  I happen to be a part of a great community of Wellness Professionals.  I can hook you up!

When you take your first bite today, ask yourself, "Do I really want this to become part of me?" - if so, dig in.  If not, make a better choice. 


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