Cannot Stand a Pushover

Give me a person with the strength of an Oak Tree - over a Weeping Willow any day. 

I cannot stand a pushover.  A person who has such low self esteem, that is so eager to please and be accepted by others that they are unwilling to stand their ground. What's the old saying, "If you stand for nothing, you will fall for EVERYTHING" - there is so much truth in such a simple phrase.  If you will not stand up for yourself.  For who you are.  What you're made of.  What you believe in.  Most importantly, if you will not stand up for your self-love ... but always seeking the love of others .. NEWSFLASH: love is like a magnet.  It can only attach itself to places where it already exists.  You will never find love if you do not love yourself.  You cannot even GIVE love if you are not already FULL and OVERFLOWING with it.  People around this world wander for years looking for love.  Hoping to find someone out there to "complete" them - looking for their "other half" - I have a secret:  You are a whole and complete person all by yourself.  And if you don't know that by now ... you will never, never find anyone else who will love you whole and complete.  

You have to start with a full cup of self love.  Overflowing with confidence, wisdom, sincerity and most of all UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of self.  If you go into the world with shoulders shrugged, head hung down and voice trailing off into the silence - who will hear you?  Who will see you?  Someone else in the same low-self-esteem predicament.  Searching for truths in the bottomless bottles at bars.  You will not find love there either.  You cannot create love if you do not know what love is.  

If you have the strength of an Oak tree.  With roots deep into the soil of self-awareness.  You will find all sorts of people coming to find "shade" in your self-love.  Many will come, but as you know, only a few are chosen.  Trust me, the ones that are chosen to stick around and sip on the sweet nectar of the Oak tree - are those who have the confidence and the patience to nurture that oak tree and ensure its bounty.  There's no room of the weak ones, or the faint of heart - the ones lacking in self-love.  Those will just graze, mosey, migrate and continuing looking for the easy way out - hoping to go unnoticed because, "It's easier to be invisible - takes too much work to be bold and memorable" - 


Be bold! Be confident! Be full of love for self! Know this .. no one likes a pushover.  Be like the Oak tree - not the weeping willow. 


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