Privilege for Peace

I choose to enter this day with a sense of power, privilege and peace.  No matter what unexpected elements may cross my path, I am determined to remain steadfast; and connected to my power, privilege and peace.  

Lately I've been hearing the phrase "white privilege" a lot.  At first I wasn't quite sure what it meant or how it applied to me.  Now that I have a greater understanding of what it is, I find myself wondering, "How have I benefited from 'white privilege'?" or more importantly, "Why is privilege reserved for white people?" - Aren't we all divinely given the right to experience a positive life?  While our current government and the state of the nation may not elude that equal rights to privilege exist, I believe its a matter of mindset.  In no way does this mean I excuse the shameful actions of the government; or dismiss the stupidity of the current administration.  What I believe is, no matter what "shit" may be happening in the world around us, we all have one privilege that has not yet been taken away.  

That is the privilege of Free Thought.

We get to choose what we think.  We get to decide how to respond.  We get to make a choice from moment to moment about how we want to feel.  

Even when the world around us may feel like a page out of a horrible, frightening, scary-tale; we still get to choose how we will approach it.  We can either cower in fear; become stagnant and angry.  Or we can take a deep breath and BOSS UP on this world.  We can choose not to "go quietly into the night" and we can choose to take massive action in order to create a life we are truly proud of.  

My heart goes out to our Muslim brothers and sisters.  We know that the only thing that can banish darkness is LIGHT.  We cannot let our Human Race be annihilated with negativity and evil. We get to choose to say, "Oh Hell Nah!" - and not stand for it.  

Maybe taking a stand can be as doable as saying an extra prayer for the people who are being attacked right now.  Perhaps you write a letter to a Congressperson and express your thoughts.  Or maybe you just pause in your day and express sincere gratitude for the privilege you've been given today.  The ability to wake up, log into your computer, read what you want and think as you please.  

No one has the ability to take away your privilege to PEACE of mind.  You still get to control how peaceful you feel.  Even if bombs of injustice are going on all around you.  There is no captain in your mind but you.  It may sound easier said than done.  But I challenge you to try it out.  

When the world around you feels like its caving in.  Or you wanna look up at the sky and say something like, "What the f--k is going on?!" - pause ... allow a breath ... and remember, you are still in this game we call life.  You still have a choice.  No matter what comes across your path, you get to choose to say, "Step back negative crap! I've got things to do!" .

Hold onto your privilege for a peaceful mind today.  


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