Happiness is a Choice

Every day that my eyes open, the breath in my lungs flourish and my hear beats, is another opportunity for me to continue my bold pursuit of happiness.  I get to remember that happiness is a choice and choose it over and over again.

I read in a book by one of my favorite authors and spiritual lifestyle teachers, Gabrielle Bernstein, "Happiness is a choice we make" - it blew my mind the first time I read it.  In fact, it was the title of one of the chapters in her book, "Miracles Now".  

The concept, or even the idea that happiness is a choice.  Not a destination.  Nor a goal. That we literally get to CHOOSE to be happy, no matter what ... well I was a iltte skeptical. about it at first. What do you mean we "choose to be happy"?? Don't I have to do something, finish something, start something, receive something or give up something in order to be happy?  

The answer ... NOPE!

There is nothing you have to do, acquire or release in order to be happy.  

You get to decide to be happy.  Then, almost magically, you begin to do, acquire and release stuff in a very natural and almost effortless way.  

Consider this:  if you desire to be happy and choose to be happy, do you think you will continue to do things that disrupt that happiness?  Probably not.  If being happy feels good (which in most cases it does) - do you think you will keep holding onto stuff that diminishes that happiness?  Or will you release the stuff, or in some cases the people that are diluting the happiness that you've chosen for yourself?

I'm thinking if you're anything like most people, once you have chosen to be happy, you're probably gonna hold onto that sensation of JOY - not just give it up.  You might be thinking, "What the heck is this lady talking about??" I'm saying this with all sincerity and honesty .. YOU are the only one that can make you happy.  

Sorry to break it to you, but there is no magical formula for happiness.  Each of us experiences joy in different ways.  For instance, I experience joy when I sleep more than 4 hours, wake up to a quiet house, sip nice cup of tea and listen to jazz music. It isn' the sleep, tea, quiet or jazz that makes me happy.  It is BECAUSE I've made the decision, the choice .. to be happy, that all those other experiences even have the space to exist.  

The way our minds, bodies and spirits are set up is to function in unison.  

If our minds are unhappy, then our bodies are affected by it  Then our spirits (souls, light, whatever you wanna call it) starts to dim.  When our inner light begins to dim, then we feel all crappy ... and the cycle continues.  

BUT ... if we chose to be happy and to live in a state of gratitude and joy at all times, we maybe, just may be able to experience just a TASTE of happiness.  And like a bag of Lays, you can't taste just one - you're gonna want to soak up and savor all the happiness you can digest, once you've made the choice to experience it.  

I get it, if your'e alive, and ADULTING in 2017, you may be wondering, "What do I have to be happy about when there's all this turmoil going on??" - trust me, close your eyes, listen to your heartbeat and feel your breath.  Guess what?  That's something to be happy about.  

Happiness is a choice - I invite you to choose it today.  Then over and over again.


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