Be Seen

Risk being seen in all of your glory.
— Jim Carrey



Be willing to be seen today.  Instead of making yourself small, take up a lot of space today!  Let your voice be heard.  Share a new idea with someone you trust.  Volunteer to do something for someone in need. 

All too often, many of us shrink ourselves to fit into likability.  Meaning, instead of showing up in the world, being our full an complete selves; we modify who we are in hopes of gaining more acceptance or being more likable by others.  Ask yourself, if you aren't showing up as your whole self, then who exactly are you?

Here's a thought:  If you were a baby duck and one day, you got separated from your flock.  How would you locate other ducks?  Would you start to make sounds like a dog, cat or cow?  Probably not.  You would start quacking your ass off until the mama duck found you; and you rejoined your flock.   Why does the mama duck find her lost baby?  Because you (the baby duck) showed up as yourself.  Quacked your best quack; and BOOM ... like magic, your flock shows up.  

Building relationships kinda works the same way.  When we are little kids, we usually try and make friends with people we have something in common with, right?  Then as we become adults, we gravitate toward people with commonalities as well.  So if every "duck" is mooing like a cow, or howling like a dog, how will they find other ducks?

This is not to say that you should only build relationships with people who are EXACTLY like you.  The Universe has taken care of that.  You attract who and what you are.  Meaning, if you are an active, health enthusiast who enjoys cosplay.  You will probably find a tribe of people who have those same exact interests; and you won't have to try very hard to find them.  They will literally gravitate to you.  

BUT ...

You will only attract your tribe, if you are willing to "risk" being your whole and complete self, all day, every day.   Trying to be someone that you think will be more "likable" or "acceptable" may attract some people that in the long run, aren't really on the same vibe as you are.  You may even see yourself doing things that go against your internal grain, just to fit in.  

A lot of adults think that the desire to fit in ended in high school.  WRONG!  Everyone wants to fit in somewhere.  We human beings have an innate desire and need to connect with others.  We all want to be loved, liked and accepted.  

Believe it or not, there are a few adults who are still "shrinking"  themselves in order to fit in at work, in their families or even in romantic relationships.  Do you ever find yourself shrinking to become more likable; instead of being authentic, transparent and honest about who you really are?  

I've been there.  In those moments where I am about to walk into a room of new faces and I pause and ask myself, "Who I am gonna be when I walk into this room?" - sometimes the answer I hear in my head is "Just don't be too smart, too funny or too YOU". Do you ever tell yourself that you're being too YOU?  If so, you're not alone.  

Today, I invite you to be YOU - all the way.  



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