Give Yourself Permission to Play

Play is the highest form of research.
— Albert Einstein

We spend a lot of our time focusing on our goals.  Which of course is imperative if we want to reach them, right?  Something that is equally important is giving yourself permission to PLAY! Seriously!  When is the last time you put your cell phone down, closed your laptop and went outside??  Not to exercise, train or work.  Just to be outside, in nature ... playing.  

Do you remember being a kid in school, waiting anxiously for the recess bell to ring so you could run outside the classroom and play?!  The feeling of release, joy and pure elation that rushed over your body when you took that first breath of fresh air.  Can you feel that?  

Giving yourself permission to play allows you a chance to reset each day.  Instead of becoming these boring, overworked, stressed out adults - we get to reconnect with the child spirit that lives inside us.  When we were children, we thought pretty much anything was possible.  We believed in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and even Santa Clause.  Some adults probably still do.  

As children we had something called, HOPE.  Hope that things would get better if they weren't going too well.  We had hope that we would make really good friends and have fun.  Some of us had hope that we would become a Super Hero with magical powers.  

Better yet, we had MORE than hope.  We believed in possibility.  We trusted that our dreams could come true if we wanted them to.  It wasn't until we started growing into adults and being programmed into the "rat race" that we started to lose the hope of a child.

Maybe reconnecting with your inner child doesn't sound to appealing.  After all, some of us had some shitty childhoods.  So today, just remember one of your favorite moments.  Remember a time when you played outside all day and had the time of your life.  Then, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and just be still.  

After you get still ... then put down your cell phone, close your laptop and GO PLAY!

Today is a new opportunity for greatness.  A chance for you to show yourself just how awesome you can be.  Instead of spending time making a list of goals today, just do something that makes you smile.  Then get back to the goals later. 


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