Let Your Dreams Exceed Your Experience

If you believe you can, then you will. If you believe you can’t, then you won’t.
— Kei Rai

Have you every considered allowing your dreams to exceed your experiences?  Meaning, instead of dreaming or thinking about what you can create in your life based on what you've already done, do you consider doing ANYTHING you want - regardless of what's happened in your past?

We often define our ability to create experiences in the present based on what we've done in the past.  Instead of looking at the past as a source for reflection, we see it as a source of direction.  If we allow ourselves to be directed by our past, where do you think we will end up?  Most likely, back where we started from.  

Don't get me wrong, sometimes its a good idea to go back to square one.  To refresh, rethink and maybe retool some of your dreams, goals or thoughts.  As we know, we can't actually go back in time and redo anything.  We can look at our past.  Take note of some lessons we've learned; then get back to the present and start moving forward. 

If we let ourselves dream FORWARD then the possibilities are limitless. 

On the other hand, if we are dreaming based on what we could not do, what we "failed" or lost, chances are we are limiting our dreams.  Who wants to limit their dreams?  Do you?  I surely don't.  

The way I see it is: if I put limitations on my dreams, that's like trying to put limitations on God.  And we know that just ain't possible. Right?

Well if you don't know, now you know.  It is not possible to put limitations on a limitless, abundance, omnipotent and omniscient source of all creation.  

When you dream, set intentions or even just think about what you want to attract and experience  in your life, you are tapping into an already existing partnership with the Divine Universe.  The Universe is literally chillin' - waiting for you to get with the program and start allowing it to manifest the life you really want. 

If you are busy thinking about what you didn't get in the past, then you're waisting some precious time.  Wouldn't you rather spend time thinking about what you can experience now?  Maybe even put some deposits into your Future Dreams box.  

Bottom line here is this:  Know that anything you mind can conceive, can and will become your reality.  If you give it attention.  Energy (aka life) flows where attention goes.  You are the captain of your ship.  You are runnin' things in your life.  

Make the choice to take control of your life today and let your dreams exceed your past experience. 


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