And then there was none ...

You only lose what you cling to.
— Buddha

Learning the valuable lesson of the power of release is probably one of the greatest lessons life allows us to experience. We as humans have a great tendency to develop attachments to what we get to feel, touch, smell, taste, etc.  Our senses create space for attachment.  When we learn to observe our senses, without becoming attached to the experiences that come from them, we start to allow ourselves to live freely.  

You may be thinking, "How am I supposed to feel, touch, smell and taste life without becoming attached to it??" - it can be kinda tricky at first.  

Think of this way.  Your favorite meal.  Whatever it may be.  You have an image of it in mind.  Perhaps you can smell it.  Or even begin to taste it.  As of now, you don't have your favorite meal in front of you.  But the connection to the experience of having it is very real for you, right?  Depending on what your favorite meal is, you may never have it again.  That doesn't stop you from remembering how delicious it is.  You remember because you have an attachment to it.  

Attachments are not a "bad" thing per se.  However, some believe that attachments are what lead to human suffering.  Our attachments to the material things we acquire.  Our attachments to our families, friends and lovers.  Even attachments to our physical bodies.  We humans are a lot like magnets.  We find something we like and we stick to it.  Sometimes getting us to release an attachment is as difficult as trying to pry two strong magnets apart from one another.  

Not an easy task.

Also, not an impossible one.  

Let's look at our attachments to people.  We like people.  We love people.  Some people we feel or believe we cannot exist without.  Why?  We are attached to the feelings we have about having people in our lives.  Our children, our siblings, our friends and lovers are some of the most valuable attachments we ever experience. Which is why when the person is no longer around, we experience sadness, disappointment and maybe even depression. Also known as suffering.

We suffer when we are apart from our loved ones.  In one way or another, we feel a lack or scarcity in their absence.  Sometimes its hard for us to even accept.  We are so attached to the good feelings we have about people; that when they are no longer physically present, we suffer.  

However, just like that favorite meal.  The way you can smell it, taste it and even enjoy it while its not present in the physical.  You can experience the same enjoyment about people who are no longer present in the physical.  One thing we are allowed to hold onto is our feelings.  We can release people, material things and even beliefs.  We get to hold on to how we feel.  

Our feelings, emotional intelligence and mindful connection to our true selves is necessary for us to remain human.  If we detach from our emotional experiences, we are no different than robots.  

It is healthy for us to practice detachment, and learn how to create the feeling of joy that we receive as a supposed result of attachment, on our own.  We don't need people or material things to feel whole, joyful or complete.  We can create that all on our own.  That way, when we do get to have great people, cool experiences or awesome things our lives; its just a bonus! 

Give yourself permission to detach today.  Then see if you can invite some of those good feelings to show up.  Maybe remind yourself that you get to be happy, even though you are letting go. In the end, when you lay your head to rest each night, the only element who can really bring you joy, is you.  Make some room for joy.


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