Take the First Step

Be not afraid of going forward. Be afraid of standing still.
— Japanese Proverb

Making moves in the direction of your goals, dreams and aspirations is always a much wiser choices than sitting still, waiting for life to happen for you.  It is so necessary to put massive action behind your great ideas.  If not, you'll be that person who has all the best ideas, but no results.  

I get it ... taking massive action requires you to change your mindset and in some cases, change your beliefs.  

A lot of us grown folks have been conditioned to believe that the Safe Route of living is the best route.  When in actuality, sometimes the Risky Route is the ultimate pathway to living a life of your own design.  

If you're unwilling to take risks, then you are limiting your access to opportunity.  If your opportunity is limited, so is your success.  

Think of all the people who shoulda, coulda and woulda lived a life they are truly proud of; but didn't.  Do you want to be one of those people?  When you "peace out" of this life, don't you want to know that you LIVED it?!  

Playing it safe can create such a HUGE barrier between YOU and the LIFE you really want.  While it may seem wise to play it safe, the truth is ... not a lot happens in the "safe zone" - Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to drive recklessly or live life without precaution.  There is a difference between living with caution and living in FEAR.  

We have to be willing to "throw a little caution to the wind" and TRUST that we are always going to be protected from hurt, harm and danger when we are pursuing our dreams.  Otherwise, we are really missing out.  

Think back to childhood - the good times - when you were fearlessly willing to swing a little higher on the swings at the playground.  Just so you could experience that momentary feeling of weightlessness; maybe even the feeling of flying.  You were fearless in those moments.  Or if not fearless, you were willing to do it afraid.  

As adults, we often allow our failures or what I like to call 'Mis-Takes' - meaning, instead of viewing a mistake as a failure, just see it for what it really is:  a moment of imperfection.  That's all.  So when we allow our mis-takes to cripple us and prevent us from taking any action, then we're screwed!  

How will we ever experience a life we can really be proud of if we are unwilling to take the first step?  There's time when its best to sit still; and there are times when stillness becomes stagnant.

Be willing to take the first step today.  Step outside your comfort zone.  Throw a little of your caution to the wind.  Trust that you are protected and provided for.  Then just go for it! 


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